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What Does Bad Breath Treatment Involve?

Nov 18, 2019Oral health, Uncategorized

Bad Breath Treatment Tips

Bad breath is a oral problem that can cause one to have a low self-esteem and avoid interacting with people. If you are one of the people suffering from bad breath, you will be glad to know it is not a disease but rather something that you control easily through simple oral hygiene hacks. Below are tips that can help you in bad breath treatment to give you confidence in talking and interacting with other people.

Observe Proper Oral Hygiene

Tooth brush to keep your breath in check

Applying basic oral hygiene to your teeth is the first step to fighting bad breath. Ensure you brush your teeth after every meal to ensure you dislodge any food particles that may have remained between the teeth. If left in the teeth, these particles will decay causing you a bad breath. When brushing your teeth, ensure you reach all the corners of your mouth. Otherwise, even if you brush 10 times a day and you don’t do it properly, you will still have a bad breath. Complete the brushing with a mouth wash to ensure the areas that the toothbrush can’t reach is cleaned. However, avoid using alcoholic mouthwash because it can leave your mouth dry and cause bacteria growth leading to odor.

Scrape the Tongue

Scrape Tongue for preventing bad breath

Most people will brush their teeth and forget about the tongue which is the reason they still have get bad breath even after regular brushing. Your tongue has tiny hairs where bacteria can be trapped and result to bad odor. If you have a whitish film on the tongue, you need to scrape it because it’s a sign you may be harboring odor-causing bacteria.

Avoid Acidic Foods

Taking foods with high acidity levels is another contributing factor to bad breath. These foods can accelerate the rate of bacteria growth in your mouth which is the reason you are left with a bitter taste in your mouth every time you consume acidic foods such as tomatoes or caffeinated coffee among others. When you can’t avoid taking these foods, ensure you floss immediately after you are done to clear the acidity in your mouth.

Keep your Mouth Hydrated

The bacteria that cause bad breath thrive in a dry mouth. Hydrating your mouth will help in washing away the bacteria from your mouth. Also ensure you ensure your overall body is well hydrated by drinking a lot of water. Besides, you can trigger production of saliva in your mouth by chewing sugarless candies. Saliva is a natural way to hydrate your mouth and clear away bacteria that can trigger bad breath.

Avoid Sugary Foods

Sugary foods are not only likely to get stuck in your teeth, but also provides a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria that can cause bad odor. Keep away from any foods with high sugar content like candies, sweets, and many more. Brush your teeth immediately or use a mouthwash immediately you take sugary foods if circumstance force you to consume such foods.

Remove Tonsil stones

Tonsil stones may be the reason you are having a bad breath even after you have brushed your mouth properly. These stones are formed when food particles get stuck in your tonsil and decay to form awful smelling bacteria which can be in form of small yellowish particles that can come out of your mouth when you sneeze or even when you are talking. These bacteria can make you to emit extremely bad odor even when you have used the best mouthwash or tooth paste to brush. However, not all people will experience these stones, as their formation depends on the structure of your tonsil. Removing them is easy since all you need is to use something soft such as an earbud to push them out.

Give your Dentist a Regular Visit

When did you last visit a dentist? This is something that many people disregard yet its highly crucial. Most people will only visit a dentist when they have tooth ache and it has to be extreme – otherwise, they will just take a painkiller. However, you need to know that visiting a dentist regularly can help you to fight the bad breath problem. A dentist will detect problems that can trigger bad odor such as a decaying tooth, tonsil stones formation, and others that you can’t tell because you aren’t an expert in that area. So, if you haven’t visited a dentist for a while, schedule a dentist appointment now.

Avoid Smoking

Preventative Dental Care: Avoid smoking

Smoking not only exposes you to deadly diseases such as cancer, but also plays a role in triggering bad breath. Tobacco, a component found in cigarettes destroys your gum and teeth where they form holes where food particles can get stuck and develop into odor causing bacteria. Therefore, if you are a smoker and fighting bad breath, forget about smoking and watch things change for the better.

Go for a medical Check Up

Our bodies function like a system where if there is something wrong with one part, it can use another part to communicate. In this regard, a bad breath can be an indicator of some other bigger health issue within you especially related to liver or kidney. Therefore, when the problem persists even after you have taken all the possible measures to fight it, getting a medical check up on your whole body can be a good move.

Besides following the above tips, ensure you take a balanced diet and include fruits and vegetables in huge quantities. Also drink high amount of water to keep your mouth oxygenated to deny odor causing bacteria chance to thrive.

Bad breath is an issue that can deny you peace of mind because you can’t interact with other people freely without either covering your mouth or looking away. Worst still, people can start avoid you which can lower your self-esteem. If you have been affected by this issue, the above guide can help you to put everything in order. You don’t have to hide from people anymore! You now have a solution to your bad breath in the above 10 tips.

Here is a quick video for on bad breath and halitosis.


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