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What Can You Do About Missing Teeth?

Sep 13, 2019Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental implants, Dentures, oral surgery, Uncategorized

We are living in a world where looks and appearances matter quite a bit. There are many different attributes to looks. It could be a well maintained figure, good hair style or even having a good dress and fashion sense. But it all starts from the face. A glowing, bright and happy face adds a lot to the overall beauty of the person. When we talk about face, we cannot ignore our teeth. Our teeth describe and define our overall facial looks and appearances. Hence, we must do all it take to keep our teeth in good condition.

While, we must concentrate on a few important things like good brushing habits, flossing and regular checkups, there are a few things that may not actually be under our control. Statistics show that average adults in the age group of 20 to 64 have reported that they may have three teeth that are decayed. In many cases a couple of teeth may even be missing before they reach 35 years of age. Hence, teeth loss or missing teeth is certainly a big social problem. Additionally, missing teeth could also lead to improper chewing and crushing of food leading to digestive disorders and other such problems. Therefore, it is imperative to have the missing teeth replaced as soon as possible.

Reasons For Missing Teeth

There could be a number of reasons for missing teeth. Teeth decay is perhaps the most common reason for this. Therefore, we must understand the importance of good dental and mouth hygiene. Regular rinsing, flossing and brushing twice a day could prevent teeth damage that is caused by teeth decay and other such problems. However, there could be situations when you may have to replace missing teeth. For example, there could be severe accidents and mishaps that could lead to breakage of an entire tooth or even a few of them. In such cases the only option would be to replace the same. However, before going in for replacing of missing teeth, it is critical that the root cause must be identified. For example, if tooth decay is the reason for a missing tooth, then this issue must be addressed first. You must make sure that the decay has not spread to other parts of the gums and perhaps to some other teeth too.

How Will Replacement Teeth Help

When you are faced with a problem of missing teeth, replacing it with a new set of artificial ones is the only way out. It certainly has a number of benefits. As mentioned above, artificial teeth could help restore the overall looks and appearances of the face. Further, it also could help in improving your speaking and chewing. But the challenge lies in choosing the right option. Yes, there is no doubt that you have to take professional help to do the job. We are sharing a few possibilities as far as replacement of missing teeth is concerned.

Dental Implant demonstration

Dental Implants

Dental implants are considered to be one of the most common ways to replace missing teeth. It is done surgically and therefore it can offer a sturdy and long term solution when you want to have a missing tooth replaced. There are three stages of teeth implant and that could take many months to complete. In spite of the lengthy time frame, many customers are keen on using this dental option as a method for replacing missing teeth. This is because they look almost similar to natural teeth and they also can last for many decades and definitely for many years.

dentist in victorville placing Dental Bridge

Dental Bridges

You also could go in for bridges and there are different types that you could think of. These devices bridge the gap where the missing teeth used to be located. However, there could be a problem with bridges when compared to dental implants. Bridges have to be attached to the adjacent teeth for the right support. It should be done carefully and you must, as a customer, hire the best dentists and professionals to do the job for you. However, if it is done properly and professionally, your teeth appearance will look good and it would be extremely difficult to find out that you could be having a missing tooth. It perhaps can be done only by a physical count.

Dental Denture services Victorville CA

Dentures and Partial Dentures

When you have a problem that extends beyond a few missing teeth, your dentist might look for a different approach. He may recommend dentures. These are basically appliances that are removable. They consist of a number of artificial teeth. These dentures, when in a full set, mimic and they do the functioning of a normal set of full teeth. These dentures are fitted over the few remaining teeth. However, it could take some time for the users to get used to dentures. They do require quite a bit of adjustment and this could take a few weeks or months. Once the adjustment is completed, customers will start feeling comfortable. Over a period of time it will become a natural part of the entire dental cavity.

Which Is The Better Option?

As far as permanent structures are concerned, dental implants and bridges are considered the best. Both have their unique features and specialties. However, if you want to ensure that you have replacement teeth in place, it might be better to go in for dental implants. If the size of the missing tooth is very small, then bridges perhaps could be a better option.

Dentures are not permanent structures and they could come in handy when you have a situation, where a number of teeth have been lost or damaged beyond repair.

Get In Touch With A Professional

We need to understand that replacing missing teeth is not an easy job and it has to be done after quite a bit of evaluation and examination. You must, therefore move ahead only after you take the help and assistance of a qualified dentist. He or she will examine the problem and suggest the right remedy based on specifics of the case. It would be difficult to generalize or straight jacket the whole thing. Each case of missing tooth is different and it has to be handled separately.


To sum up, if you suffer a fallen tooth or a missing tooth and are not happy with your appearance, you need not worry. Dental technology has moved quite a bit and therefore your dentist will choose the right option taking into account your specific needs and requirements. You will certainly get back your looks and appearance and also be able to speak well and also you will be able to chew and digest your food well.

Check out this video to see what can you do about your missing teeth.

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