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Smile More With Invisalign®

Mar 2, 2020Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral health, Orthodontics

Invisalign might be the number one discovery in the dental industry in the last century. Although people praise the design which makes wearing the braces an ultimately pleasant experience, there is so much more to this terrific orthodontic device. Apart from its beautiful structure, we would also like to pay closer attention to the vast number of overall dental benefits. In this article, you will discover the true magic of the Invisalign.

Keeping your teeth sparkly clean

Keep your teeth sparkly clean

Crooked teeth are not an issue of aesthetic appearance, but rather pose a series of micro problems in the oral cavity. You must have noticed yourself how difficult it is to clean and floss your teeth in between narrow passages. Not brushing your teeth properly will then, consequentially, lead to bacteria infestation, which can result in a tooth cavity. Even though some people think they are doing a good job cleaning their misaligned teeth, it is very easy to overlook a small piece that can nest in the smallest of areas. Although bacteria are a part of who we are as people, when it comes to our oral hygiene, we should pay extra attention as that is one of the most sensitive and infection-prone areas of our body.

Have you ever wondered how to improve your pronunciation?

This might seem like a secondary problem for many, but teeth play an important role in incorrect pronunciation. While this might be relevant for some who are already struggling with speech, or others who are mastering foreign languages, it should also matter to every other human being. You might not even be aware of certain speech-related issues that might hold you back. Whether you are an aspiring actor or a successful singer, your ability to effectively communicate in everyday life is crucial for setting up healthy relationships.

Maintaining your oral health is a life-long process

You can never be too healthy. Making sure your teeth are cavity-free and properly aligned influences other parts of the body, such as your neck, jaw and other facial muscles. You can easily get rid of that annoying pain or tenderness in the face, as well as neck stiffness by simply positioning your teeth. You will also naturally acquire a better bite by strengthening your jaw and improving the supporting bone and gum positioning in the mouth.

How does this impact the gut and digestion?

The newest research has discovered that our body has two brains. One is the neurological organ in our head, while the other one is in charge of digestion in our stomach. The so-called “second brain” or better know as the gut, is proven to influence our mood and everyday life quality. You might ask yourself, what is this got to do with Invisalign? By aligning your teeth you are influencing the entire process of digestion, from start to finish. As we already know, digestion starts in the mouth, where we break the pieces of food into nutritional particles that our body is meant to absorb. Wearing braces will help you chew the food in a more effective way, removing the digestion pressure on the large intestine.

A pretty alternative to traditional braces

There are so many teenagers out there who have tremendously suffered during, what the psychologists like to call, the most sensitive years of their lives, due to wearing ugly, wired braces. Not only it looked as if you had black teeth from a fair distance, but you would also sign up for a minimum of 12 months of the treatment. What makes the Invisalign so special is, first and foremost, its aesthetic appeal and simple design. Unlike the traditional braces where all teeth move causing mild or severe discomfort, Invisalign is created in a way that only moves the problematic teeth. You have more than one aligner at your disposal, carefully personalized to suit your oral cavity. It takes less time for the teeth to realign, as the Invisalign aligners are made more efficient than good old wired braces.

Enjoying your meals while wearing the braces has never been easier What makes the biggest difference, apart from the absolutely revolutionary transparent feature, is the mobility of the aligners. Unlike the traditional braces, where you learn to adapt to the weird taste of food in contact with the wire and rubber bands, here you get to simply remove the aligners. Not only that you are no longer required to refrain from nuts, popcorns, and apples, but you are also preventing the dental plaque buildup. As long as you remember to wear your Invisalign for about 22 hours a day, you are allowed to enjoy the food as many times as you like.

The overall enjoyable dental treatment experience

The overall enjoyable dental treatment experience

While some dental treatments are more painful than others, Invisalign has revolutionized wearing braces in a pain-free and cost-effective way.

Substituting traditional braces for Invisalign comes as a natural choice regarding many aspects. Although you might experience some unpleasantness at the very beginning, you won’t feel as uncomfortable as you would using the old-styled aligners. If you are someone who likes to smile, then wearing Invisalign will help you transition in the most comfortable way. For most people, it is hard to stay positive while waiting for the final outcome that usually arrives after a minimum of one year. With Invisalign, you get to enjoy the entire process as none will even notice, including yourself, that you are in the middle of dental treatment.

All in all, if you have finally decided to treat the misaligned teeth, you are on the right track. Invisalign aligners are the most sophisticated dental device on the market. Apart from its innovative appearance, the aligners are also well known for helping you maintain a healthy oral cavity. On top of feeling good and confident while actually wearing the braces, you will also start noticing the difference in speech, digestion, and overall cleanliness. You won’t experience any food-related issues, as you are allowed to remove the braces for about two to four hours a day. If you are looking for the most effective solution for your misaligned teeth, opting for Invisalign is the best lifelong investment you can make.

For more on Invisalign works, watch this short video.


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