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Problems we can correct using clear braces in Victorville

Feb 10, 2020Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral health, Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatments have transformed many smiles through time. The patients who use braces can attest to the brilliant and lasting results. With the aid of a qualified dental professional, you can solve many dental problems effortlessly. One special treatment a lot of private and public dental practices offer is braces. As most people know, there are several types of braces, but clear braces have gained popularity due to their benefits.

Children, teenagers, and adults can prevent and correct various dental problems using clear braces, also known as Invisalign. The braces are comfortable and an ideal option as they aren’t noticed easily. Due to their appearance and efficiency, clear braces in Victorville are currently being used to correct a wide range of problems. As a private dental practice, we are licensed and perform every procedure professionally and safely.

Common Orthodontic Problems We Can Fix with Clear Braces in Victorville

Common Orthodontic Problems we can fix

Invisalign aligners are usually made of sapphire or ceramic, so they seem invisible when on your teeth. Immediately you get the braces; there might be some discomfort as your teeth and jaws adjust. If this persists, prescribed pain meds help relieve any pain after your appointment. Also, note that you should avoid sticky foods or snacks. Clear braces in Victorville work by progressively getting tightened by your dentist throughout the treatment. Once the braces have been tightened, your teeth and jaws will naturally shift, and the alignment will be corrected. So, what dental problems does Invisalign fix for its patients?

Overcrowded and Unevenly spaced teeth

A lot of people suffer from overcrowding and improperly spaced teeth, like having a diastema. Luckily enough, fixing this is not a complicated procedure. The gaps between the teeth can easily be corrected when clear braces are tightened and maintained correctly. Additionally, crooked teeth are also aligned with the help of these braces. As your dentist or orthodontist monitors your progress, any adjustments are made for that bright and infectious smile.

Irregular Dental Midlines

The dental midline is the line between your upper and lower jaws. If the midline is unmatched even by a few millimeters, it will most definitely affect your jaw and face. Clear braces in Victorville treat this problem by enhancing intercuspation. This is when your cusps fit accordingly to produce symmetric and even midline. After your teeth have been aligned, you will notice how the braces correct symmetry and intercuspation issues.

Awry jaws

A misaligned jaw usually is a result of an uneven bite. The dental problem is common in patients that have crooked teeth, and some pain might be present in your jaws. If this issue is not corrected on time, it leads to immense facial pain. Clear braces help straighten your jaws and positioning them the right way without being too conspicuous. When the braces work their magic, your face will sit better and look more symmetric.

Chewing and speech-related problems

Chewing and Speech problems

Other dental misalignments are due to affect how you speak and chew. If you could not treat unevenness of teeth and jaws at an earlier stage, then clear braces in Victorville is a service appropriate for you. Invisalign alignment addresses speech impediments no matter how small the issue is. When the tightened braces even your jaw, it positively impacts your speech, especially. Your teeth, therefore, come into contact effortlessly, and the way you bite and pronounce words is improved.



Overbites and underbites are referred to as malocclusion issues in the dental industry. If you get clear braces, the pressure and tightness assuredly correct the problems, but only if they are not extreme cases. Overbites per se range from mild to a severe extension of the upper jaw. The dental issue has a sunken effect on your chin, making it appear smaller. On the other hand, underbites involve a more extended lower jaw that causes a forward-looking and pushed chin. Both issues make it quite difficult to chew food. Clear braces successfully handle such cases and fix the jaw extensions.

Periodontal issues

Brushing your teeth and flossing are the best ways to clean your entire mouth. However, severely uneven teeth and jaws can make performing the tasks tricky. This is because affected people have overlapped or tight teeth that make it hard to clean. If you do not get braces like Invisalign, the chances of getting gingivitis or other gum related diseases are high. The best clear braces in Victorville are a significant aid in keeping your entire mouth healthy and clean 24/7.

Open Bites

Open bites

Even though this is not a severe dental problem as compared to the mentioned, clear braces still fix open bites. It is common in children who use pacifiers a lot or suck their thumbs always. A space between the anterior teeth is formed, and open bites become a problem. Permanent teeth can also be affected, and when this happens, braces are the best solution. Clear braces in Victorville and other parts of the world have helped former patients overcome self esteem issues. Uneven teeth and jaws or speech impediments caused by dental problems make you feel self-conscious. Proper correction of these orthodontic errors enhances your face and chin on top of giving you a fantastic smile. If you have any lost confidence and self-love, clear braces will restore them without a doubt.

Other long-term beneficial results of clear braces are:

· More natural cleaning and brushing of teeth that minimize decay and other dental diseases.

· Straight and attractive teeth.

· Correct bites that give your teeth allowance to chew food as they should.

· Prevented future dental problems that may require serious procedures or surgery.

The treatment period usually ranges from ten to twenty-four months for first-time patients. Though, if you have had braces before, it will take approximately ten weeks for the aligners to do their job. Every person’s treatment plan is unique, and a consultation is the first step to getting your braces set and ready. If you ever need any dental services and specifically braces, we are an experienced and honest practice with clear quality braces in Victorville.

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