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Invisalign Results Timeline

Oct 9, 2023Orthodontics

Invisalign Results Timeline

Invisalign has become increasingly popular due to the fast results that patients typically experience. However, it is important to understand the timeline of Invisalign treatments before committing to the procedure in order to have realistic expectations of results. The Invisalign process consists of several stages, each with its own timeframe.

It is important to remember that each patient’s Invisalign teeth straightening plan is tailored to their individual needs and the timeline outlined below may not reflect your own experiences. There is no single, universal solution to straightening teeth with Invisalign and the treatment will be customized accordingly.

This treatment utilizes a series of specially crafted aligners to gradually move teeth into an ideal position. As each set of aligners are designed to only make slight adjustments, it will likely take some period of time before any noticeable changes can be observed.

It generally takes anywhere from 12 to 18 months to see results from dental treatment. However, this varies depending on the individual case. Upon completion of the treatment, your teeth should in the desired position.


Initial Results

Patients may start to see results as soon as two weeks after beginning treatment, although this is not typical. Generally, patients can expect to observe an improvement in their condition within three months.

If it has been more than five months since starting your treatment plan and there has not been a noticeable change, it is recommended to arrange a follow-up appointment with your healthcare provider. Doing so will help confirm that your treatment is proceeding as planned and that you will eventually achieve the desired outcome.

It is essential that you maintain a sense of patience and confidence in the treatment process. Adhering to the instructions of your orthodontist or dentist is critically important; this should include wearing the aligners for a minimum of 20-22 hours each day. If you become overwhelmed and cease adhering to your timeline, this could delay the process further.

It is important to note that each time you remove your aligners, the process of straightening your teeth is delayed. If you do this too frequently, your Invisalign treatment time will be extended. Make sure to only take out your aligners when brushing and flossing your teeth after a meal or at night.


Factors that Affect the Invisalign Timeline

In addition to the duration of your Invisalign aligner wear, there are several other factors that can potentially impact your timeline. While certain aspects may be manageable, others may not be under your control.

As age increases, teeth tend to move more slowly, indicating that younger patients may have a shorter treatment timeline than older patients.

The type of dental issue one is attempting to address can have an influence on the length of time required for correction. In the case of crowded teeth, the progression may be slower due to the fact that the teeth may overlap or fit too closely together.

Mild cases of dental crowding may be corrected within a time frame of six months. However, more severe cases will often require substantially more time for resolution. In certain cases, the dentist or orthodontist may suggest removal of teeth in order to create more space to enable other teeth to shift into their correct position.

Patients with diastema, or gaps between their teeth, can often be easily corrected with aligners. In mild cases, the entire process may only take 8 weeks to complete. For more severe cases, the timeline of correction may be extended, but is typically still under 12 months.

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