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How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

Sep 10, 2021Dental implants, Dentures, Oral health, oral surgery

Removing wisdom tooth is an oral surgery process which the majority of us shall encounter at a certain point in your life. Elimination of wisdom teeth is very common currently and the majority of you ought to have undergone surgery.

When is wisdom tooth extraction done?

Wisdom teeth are the last molar set that shall emerge within the mouth.

However, it could result in certain oral health problems because of the following issues:

  • Misaligned eruption- The tissue and gums between the emerging wisdom tooth and the last molar could become crumpled or pinched which can result in swelling and pain.
  • Partial eruption- Whenever the tooth is erupting partially, it could permit the bacteria to get into and about the tooth opening that can result in pain, infection, and swelling.
  • Angled- Whenever the wisdom tooth emerges at an angle, this results in an issue with other teeth. This can also result in more serious dental problems.

The third molar set or wisdom teeth, generally emerge whenever you are between the ages of 17 and 24. In the majority of cases, it is recommended to get your wisdom tooth removed at the earliest. Whenever the teeth emerge, the bone and its root being still in the infancy phase are not quite sturdy. This is why the process of extraction also becomes easy. If you wait for long, the bone as well as root grow strong and become intact. This results in a more complex process of extraction that can at times be expensive as well.

What is the wisdom teeth removal cost?

Elimination of the wisdom teeth could cost you anywhere between 75 dollars to 250 dollars for each tooth. The wisdom tooth that is impacted shall cost you between 200 dollars to 600 dollars. Extraction of all 4 wisdom teeth altogether shall cost you about 600 dollars to 1100 dollars. Elimination of one tooth with general anesthesia shall cost you around 600 dollars to 1100 dollars. With dental insurance, you have chances of extracting cover of the wisdom teeth.

The process and the complexity involved in the procedure determine its price. When the wisdom teeth have emerged in a misaligned manner or you are getting it removed at an elderly age, the process is complex and hence longer along with being expensive. When you are seeking to eliminate all 4 wisdom teeth, the dentist might offer you a low price. There are extra costs involved.

Additional costs can include:

  • Cost of examination- This exam is carried out at first.
  • Digital X-ray- This will be required to know the precise decay location. The price is anywhere between 60 dollars to 150 dollars.
  • Treatment choices- The price includes anesthesia or extra fees in case of an emergency or post-hours appointment.
  • Post care- This could incorporate a prescription if needed, and gauze or medication or icepacks.

Is wisdom teeth extraction worth it?

In the majority of cases, you ought not to ignore wisdom tooth elimination. Though the cost of wisdom tooth extraction might not be cheap, however, when you ignore an impacted wisdom tooth or misaligned wisdom tooth, it can result in complex and expensive treatment. It is best not to worry regarding the cost of the extraction when it comes to wisdom teeth as the impact never gets better with time.


Risks involved in the removal of Wisdom teeth

Risks involved in the removal of Wisdom teeth

Risks involved with teeth removal surgery incorporates:

  • Bleeding
  • Pain close to the site of injection for sedation
  • Swelling
  • Tooth pain
  • Jaw pain
  • Lower lip insensitivity
  • Dry socket
  • Temporary or permanent numbness within the mouth

Before surgery, the dentist shall check for any indications of gum illness. He or she shall take a CT image or X-ray. IV sedation and General anesthesia also referred to as twilight sedation, are available for individuals who want to be sedated for the extraction surgery. The medicines minimize anxiety. It puts you to sleep for the surgery duration. Dentists usually offer package discounts on such services when you are heading for all 4 teeth to get removed.

Would your dental insurance include or cover the removal of wisdom teeth?

The coverage for insurance for removal of wisdom tooth or teeth is based on the plan you have with the dental insurance. The majority of the insurance companies have 80 percent coverage of wisdom tooth removal prices.

Even though it is a great choice, there are yearly limits on the plans with the dental insurance on how much the pay coverage is for the dental care. This limit is usually around 1500 dollars. Several people split the process into 2 years to obtain more coverage.


Two methods to save money on the removal of wisdom tooth

Two methods to save money on the removal of wisdom tooth

There are some affordable ways to head to your extraction process of wisdom teeth without insurance.

Payment plans

This is one of the best ways to save some money on the removal of wisdom teeth when you don’t have any insurance coverage. Some of the general dentists and oral surgeons might permit you to pay a small portion of the removal of the surgery in a couple or few months. You can pay the surgeon or the dentist directly rather than making use of any dental insurance.

Dental discount plans

There are dental discount plans which are another best way to save some bucks on the elimination of the wisdom tooth. There are many such plans available.

They have identical benefits such as:

  • Members obtain dental procedures discounts all year through without paying for any kind of insurance every month.
  • You can pay one low yearly fee, instead of monthly.
  • You shall have network access over dentists who provide minimized prices to dental plan discount members.
  • No application forms or approvals are needed; just take your identity card to the dentist to get money saved on your treatment.

Among the above two, dental plans are quite well-known and sought-after discount choices which offer 20 to 50 percent savings on costs of dental care. There is no limit on spending on your dental work, unlike insurance, in this case. Patients pay a low yearly fee and could use this plan on treatments saving all through the year.

Should you get 2 or 4 of the wisdom teeth removed?

Generally, the surgeons or dentists recommend getting all 4 teeth removed as they tend to get problematic and never get better with time.


A wisdom tooth removal cost prices are discussed as above. It is always better to get the wisdom tooth extracted when they are an infant in the stage as it will be easier rather than impactful extraction in elderly age.

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