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How Long Does a Dental Bridge Last?

Sep 27, 2023Oral health, oral surgery

How long does a dental bridge last?

The dental community holds differing viewpoints on the longevity of bridges due to the significant influence of your oral hygiene practices, dietary habits and lifestyle choices. These factors play a crucial role in determining the durability of these dental devices. Based on the research conducted by Cleveland Clinic, it has been found that dental bridges have a lifespan of at least five to seven years. However, with consistent practice of proper oral hygiene and timely visits to the dentist, the longevity of the dental bridge can be extended up to 10 years or more. As per the University of Rochester Medical Center’s declaration, with proper dental care and maintenance, majority of dental bridges have the potential to endure beyond a decade and possibly even for one’s lifetime.


How to Care for Your Dental Bridge

It is crucial to maintain adequate oral hygiene practices for fixed bridges, similar to those followed for natural teeth. It is recommended to brush your teeth two times daily and clean between them using floss or interdental brushes or water flossers once a day. Additional use of antimicrobial mouth rinses and tongue scrapers may also prove helpful. It is highly recommended to schedule routine cleanings with your dental specialist. Such visits are crucial not only for maintaining the whiteness and hygiene of your teeth, but also for examining the well-being of your bridge.

In order to effectively maintain your removable dental bridge, it is imperative that you remove it on a daily basis and clean any food particles or plaque from all areas of the bridge. To ensure your replacement teeth remain in excellent condition, follow these helpful tips:

  • To ensure the safety of your removable bridge, cleanse it over a sink filled with water or place it on a folded towel to prevent breakage in case it accidentally falls.
  • It is recommended to opt for a soft-bristled toothbrush or a denture brush and cool water to clean your bridge. Denture cleaner can also be utilized, but it is essential to avoid using abrasive toothpaste or household cleaners as they can cause scratches on the surface of your bridge.
  • It is recommended to rinse your mouth with cool and clean water after brushing, as the use of hot water may potentially cause warping of your dental bridge.
  • It is not recommended to leave your bridge submerged in water or a denture-soaking solution for an extended period unless it has been advised by your dental professional. This is because the metal attachments on your removable bridge have the tendency to rust.


Some bridges are tougher than others

An implant-supported bridge has exceptional longevity, with a lifespan of over a decade. In contrast, bridges that depend on either a solitary tooth (cantilever) or a metal framework (Maryland) possess a lifespan estimated at approximately five to seven years.

Similarly, it is noteworthy that a dental bridge comprising metal crowns exhibits greater resilience than one with ceramic or composite crowns. Therefore, a compromise must be reached between the aspects of aesthetics and durability. Nonetheless, it should be acknowledged that porcelain crowns installed on a dental bridge have the potential to endure for over ten years.


Extend the Lifespan of Your Dental Bridge

To enhance a patient’s lifestyle, certain actions can be taken. For starters, ensuring good oral hygiene plays a significant role in avoiding any potential issues that may lead to dental bridge failure. Besides, maintaining a healthy dietary regimen is equally crucial for sustaining the health of both the teeth and any existing bridge.

Regular dental appointments play a vital role in sustaining the durability of dental bridges and preserving natural teeth. By conducting routine check-ups, dentists monitor their patients’ oral health and can detect and address any potential issues before they escalate. The dental bridge’s structural integrity will be monitored by professionals, and any necessary repairs or adjustments will be made in a timely manner.

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