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How Can I Fix My Bad Teeth?

Mar 16, 2020Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Uncategorized

We live in a modern world where people put much value on looks, especially on perfect smiles. Nowadays, having bad teeth can be a reason for embarrassment, shyness, and discomfort. Dental problems such as discoloration, misalignment, dental stains, or crooked teeth can seriously affect your self-esteem, self-confidence, and social life in general. The way your teeth look reflects on how other people perceive you, but mostly on how you feel about yourself. Moreover, bad teeth can even result in depression or other mental disorders.

According to studies, a large number of people are not happy with their smiles. Most of them believe they could have a more vibrant and interesting social life if it was not for their bad teeth. It is also believed lots of men and women are embarrassed to date because of dental issues. So, the main question is: Can you fix bad teeth? Well, problems are not just cosmetic. Bad teeth can affect not only your self-esteem but your dental health as well. There are various oral issues and gum problems that can affect people of all ages. Dental problems are the result of improper dental care, genetics, trauma, or failed dental work. Luckily, dental care has modern advances, which can help you resolve your teeth problems permanently. Now let’s look through some of the most popular and effective ways to fix your bad teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth discoloration is a very common problem these days. Drinking red wine or coffee as usual can result in this unpleasant condition. Fortunately, you might restore your teeth color or make them even whiter with a few whitening procedures. Today, there are many teeth whitening options such as gels, whitening strips, or professional bleaching. You should trust the specialists as they will decide which option will be most appropriate for your condition in particular. Having a whiter and improved smile is the most evident teeth whitening benefit. Not only whitening will enhance your appearance, but it will also kill bacteria that causes gum diseases and increase your self-confidence. Teeth whitening average cost depends on what products your dentist is going to use and how much he or she charges.



Many people suffer from crooked teeth and it stops them from finding good career or partner, and living a normal life. Braces are considered an efficient way to solve most dental issues like crooked teeth. If you are going to wear braces, you can choose among less visible or colorful braces. Teenagers usually choose colorful ones and actually find them really cool. It might take a while before you get used to wearing your braces, but they normally show great results. In fact, braces can reduce periodontal diseases or cavities. Even though you might be embarrassed to wear them at first, they are a good alternative for the treatment of misaligned teeth. But the thing is, you should consider your budget first because braces can cost you much. However, orthodontic treatment is generally personalized, and your expenses will be based on your condition, age, or insurance plan.

Teeth Bonding

Teeth Bonding

Chipped or broken teeth are also a common problem among the majority of people. Dental bonding is an easy and quick way to fix such dental issues. Dentists apply special resin to your affected tooth and shape it until the problem is fixed. Sometimes, this process is good for reattaching a small piece of tooth that has been broken. Chipped, stained, cracked or separated by gaps teeth can be easily fixed with the help of dental bonding. It might have numerous benefits for your dental health such as little or no removal of your enamel and retaining teeth natural structure. Teeth bonding is not that expensive, and some dental insurance plans can cover most of its cost.

Here’s a short video on the consideration of a smile makeover.

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