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Do you have a dental emergency?

Sep 3, 2019Family dental care, Uncategorized

Most people remember their dentists once they have encountered a dental problem. You can either decide to call or visit your dentist at the office working hours. But what happens when you experience the dental problem on weekends, holidays or during the night. If your dental problem is severe and has occurred outside the office working hours you will require emergency dental services or you will even demand an emergency room where you can be attended to.  Most people are unable to differentiate the standard dental issues from the real emergency issues that can ruin your health or lead to the loss of the tooth. Standard dental issues are less severe and one can wait until the following day to visit the dentist especially when the problem happened in the night. There are several ways of acknowledging dental emergencies.  

How to know whether it’s a dental emergency 

Most people had dental or oral pain at least once in their lifetime and this is an indication that dental emergencies are not new amongst ourselves. Not all dental problems can be deemed an emergency. There are several things you have to consider to determine whether your dental problem is an emergency one or not. These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself:  Are you in extreme pain? Bleeding and extreme pains are some of the indications of an emergency.  Have you had a tooth loss? Fast treatment can prevent the loss of the tooth.  Are your teeth loose? Adults should not be prone to tooth loss. Having a loose tooth is a serious issue even if it is painless. Are you having an infection? Having a severe infection in your mouth can endanger your life and you should seek treatment immediately. Some of the signs of such infections include swelling of the gums or the presence of knots on your mouth.   

Are you having mouth bleeds? 

This is also another sign that your dental issue is an emergency one.  In simple terms, all dental issues which demand immediate treatment to prevent further bleeding, reduce the extreme pain levels or prevent the loss of a tooth are termed as an emergency. This situation is also applicable to extreme infections that can endanger life.   When having any of these signs, then your dental problem is an emergency one. Make a courtesy call to your dentist immediately and explain to him or her what happened. If its outside normal office working hours you will then be required to visit an emergency dentist.  

What is not considered as a Dental Emergency  

If the problem is less severe and you can wait for a couple of days to see the dentist, then the problem isn’t an emergency one. Sometimes problems which are considered critical when taken care of they can wait for a while before visiting your dentist. For instance, chipped and cracked teeth are considered emergency especially in cases where the fracture is extremely painful or has led to the development of sharp fragments which can cause serious injuries in your mouth. If you have a chipped tooth but it’s not painful then you can wait for a couple of days before visiting the dentist.  The loss of a crown or filling cannot be regarded as an emergency because you can wait for a couple of days before visiting your dentist. For instance, you can temporarily put a piece of gum which is free from sugars into the cavity once you have lost the filling. In case of the loss of crown, you can put the crown into its normal position temporarily with the help of either the denture adhesive. Avoid the use of super glue to attach the crown back to its position.   

How to prevent Potential Emergencies 

 The most effective way to alleviate the causes of dental emergencies is by being strictly following proper oral hygiene and have regular examinations with your dentist. Every time you visit, the dentist will examine whether there are loose fillings or crowns and also the signs of tooth decay, gum diseases as well as the infections.  The creation of the custom treatment plan has made it possible to address these concerns before they worsen. You should not forget to pay attention to the body and teeth signs which signifies that you’re headed towards an emergency. A thorough dental hygiene routine can be very crucial when it comes to taming of these circumstances even though dental emergencies may still happen. If you’re having a dental emergency, time is very crucial to prevent the condition from worsening. If you’re in such a condition you should consider booking an appointment with your dentist immediately. 


woman with toothache

Tooth Pain  

Toothaches can be very disturbing irrespective of how mild they are. An aching tooth can make it difficult to carry out your daily activities. For instance, working in an office or attending a lecture in schools while having a toothache can be distracting. Toothaches are particularly distracting when severe. Treatment is the only option to alleviate toothache pains. There are many causes of toothaches which include:  Tooth or gum pain occurs, as a result, numerous varying reasons which include:  

Tooth decay 

 Tooth decay is caused is by the demineralization of the tooth enamel. Tooth decay is caused by the acidic substances which occur when the remains of foods especially the sugary ones stick between your teeth and start to rot resulting in demineralization. Tooth decay usually results in the development of tooth cavities. At first, there is no pain and one starts to experience pain when the cavity gets into the tooth dental tubes.   


These are ailments which mainly affect the gums. They are linked to the loss of alveolar bone mass. The sockets of the tooth are located on the alveolar bone. The alveolar bone is responsible for holding your tooth firmly preventing it from loosening or even falling out. To relieve pain, the periodontal patients take tooth pain drugs like the Nurofen which reduces the pain resulting from periodontal inflammations as well as infections.  The discussed above are the ways of differentiating dental emergencies from standard dental problems. Some of the dental problems which can be considered emergency included chipped tooth, cracked tooth, abscessed tooth among others. Tooth pain is also another dental issue most people are experiencing. Some of the causes of toothache include tooth decay, periodontitis among others. Treatment is the only option for relieving the toothaches.


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