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Dentures and Partial Dentures: Information You Should Know

Dec 16, 2019Dental implants, Dentures

What are dentures and partial dentures? Can dentures offer a lasting solution? If you are planning for dentures, all these questions might be bothering you. You would certainly like a more effective and durable solution. You will prefer a natural-looking appearance to boost your confidence. We understand your concerns and will help you with all the required information to help you to make a smart decision.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

A denture replaces your missing teeth and the surrounding tissue. This removable process can be helpful to bring back the functionality of that area. It will replace your teeth and improve your eating ability. There are two types of dentures: complete dentures and partial dentures. Complete dentures are effective for all your missing teeth. However, a partial denture can be helpful when some natural teeth are still present. Now we will know more about both these denture processes.

What Are Complete Dentures?

Complete dentures will replace all your missing teeth. There are two types of complete dentures: Conventional or immediate. A conventional denture will be placed between eight and twelve weeks after removing your natural teeth. However, immediate dentures will offer you an immediate solution. There will be no waiting period like the previous one. The immediate dentures will be made in advance and you can place them soon after removing your natural teeth.

In conventional dentures, there will be a healing period after the removal of the teeth. During this period, you will have to be without the teeth. You will not experience this problem if you go with immediate dentures. However, there are some negative impacts of immediate dentures. As there will be no healing period, they will need more caution and adjustments to get a proper fit during healing. Also, immediate dentures are used as a temporary solution until the conventional dentures are not prepared.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are also known as RPD (removable Partial Dentures). This option can be considered when some teeth are still present. Therefore, the process will be a bit different. During this, replacement teeth will be attached to a gum or pink-colored plastic base. and is connected by using a framework. The framework will hold the denture in your mouth. Adjustments to existing teeth (possibly crowns or enamel bevels) will be made in order to properly place the removable partial denture. The benefit of partial denture is that it will replace the missing teeth and protect other teeth as well. Partial dentures are removable. It comes with internal attachments to attach to the adjacent crowns. As a result, you can expect a natural-looking appearance.

How Are They Made?

Reviewing Check up examination

Once your teeth are lost or extracted, the teeth socket will start to fill in. The bone will fill the socket during the healing process. While healing, the socket will be filled with the bone and that will change the shape. The healing might take months until the teeth socket is not completely filled with bone and gums. After healing, preferably within eight to twelve weeks, the conventional denture is prepared.

The dentist will start the process by taking impressions of your tissue that is going to support your denture. The laboratory technician will make models using the impressions and will fit them into your mouth after each step to ensure that the denture will offer a perfect fit to your mouth. The technician will get a perfect bite as well as an appearance before giving the final form to the model. During the preparation process, you will be asked to visit your dentist almost every week for a period of four to five weeks until your denture is done. You will have to return your denture initially in the first month to make adjustments and get the best fit.

You can consider using immediate dentures on the same day when you remove your teeth. Immediate dentures are made before extracting your teeth so that the dentist can position it immediately after the extraction. The immediate dentures will need more adjustments since they will not fit your bone or gum properly. However, this is the best option to use when your conventional dentures are being made or when the area is healing.

What Are The Alternatives?

Alternative ideas to Dentures and Partial Dentures

If you are looking for some alternatives, you can consider dental bridges or implants. Bridges will replace the missing teeth. Gold and porcelain can be used to make bridges. This dental process can be good to replace two or three missing teeth. An implant uses a  metal post and crown to replace teeth. This procedure is expensive and replaces multiple teeth and offers a natural look.

Do Dentures Feel & Look Natural?

complete upper and lower denture at our victorville dental office

Dentures will look natural and none except experts can detect dentures. However, it will take time to get the best fit. You will have to return your dentures to the dentist for the first few weeks to get the perfect fit. Some adjustments will be required initially. Also, you will need some practice to eat with dentures. Make it easy and start with soft foods and then introduce solid foods gradually. Avoid sticky or chewy foods. Once your tongue or cheek will be accustomed to the denture, they will support it to stay in place.

Besides, you will need some practice for speaking. You will have to be a bit careful for the first few weeks. Any exaggerated movement such as laughing might cause dislodging. If it happens more often, talk to your dentist for adjustments. You can experience an increased level of saliva production at first. However, it will reduce after a few days.

Can I Wear A Denture Throughout?

Wearing Dentures and Partial Dentures throughout the day

It is suggested to wear your dentures during day hours and remove it at night. You can consider wearing it at night for the first few months to get a proper adjustment. It is important if you are wearing immediate dentures. Dentures need some special care. Talk to your dentist about taking care of your dentures. With proper care, you can use your dentures for a long, more than a decade.

For more on how dentures are made, check this video.

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