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Braces bracket fell off: What to do?

Jun 29, 2023Orthodontics

What to do When Braces bracket fell off?

It is essential for patients to be aware of the necessary measures to take in case of a loose bracket. In the event of a bracket falling off, avoid panicking as it is not a dental emergency. It is advisable to preserve the dislodged bracket and present it during your upcoming dentist appointment.

In instances where braces or wires cause abrasions in one’s oral cavity, it is essential to use orthodontic wax as a protective measure to prevent irritation. By rolling up a pea-sized amount of the wax and flattening it onto the affected portion of the bracket or wire, lasting relief may be attained.

After gauging the degree of damage inflicted, there are certain measures that must be implemented in order to avert any potential harm to your braces. If you find yourself unable to secure an appointment with a professional orthodontist for a few days, it is crucial that you take necessary steps. Inspect the wires in the vicinity of the affected brace and examine them closely.

Schedule a visit with a professional orthodontist to address your concerns. Please ensure that you provide all information about the issue when contacting the orthodontist. In order for the orthodontist to determine the urgency of your treatment, it is important to communicate the extent of discomfort you are experiencing. Additionally, disclosing information regarding the presence or absence of your brace will aid in proper preparation for your scheduled appointment.


Reasons Why Braces Brackets Come Off

The brackets firmly hold the archwire in place, and the ligatures are responsible for directing force toward the desired location. The bracket is attached to the tooth with an adhesive. Out of the three components, the brackets are the most vulnerable to malfunction. The probability of failure in the adhesives increases over time due to the continuous stress they encounter. Variations in temperature, pressure and pH levels, among other aspects, can cause detachment of the adhesives.

It is imperative to ensure careful handling of brackets to prevent them from coming off. Although your orthodontist may have adequately restored your teeth, the use of hard candy or nuts, which you were advised to abstain from, can still cause looseness in the brackets. Listed below are some frequent reasons that can lead to a loose bracket.

Weak Tooth Structure

Existing dental issues could be responsible for the dislodgement of your braces bracket. Improper adhesion due to weak tooth structure is possible but rare.

Improper Oral Maintenance

Loosening or falling off of brackets is a frequently encountered issue with orthodontic braces, and patients are often the root cause. However, it is important to clarify that such damage is not necessarily the result of negligence on the patient’s part. It can be quite challenging for those with existing dietary restrictions to make necessary modifications when undergoing orthodontic treatment.

It is important to steer clear of certain food items that can potentially damage your braces and impede the alignment process of your teeth. Identifying and avoiding such foods can aid in ensuring that your orthodontic treatment is successful. It is essential for individuals who wear braces to avoid consuming crunchy or sticky food items in order to maintain the functionality of their braces. Patients must seek advice from their orthodontist when in doubt.

Application Issues

It is essential to ensure that teeth are adequately cleaned, isolated, and dried before applying modern bonding processes. To this end, the use of cheek retractors featuring built-in suction is necessary during the bracket attachment stage. It is crucial to bear in mind that in the event of a bond failure, a bracket becoming detached from the tooth is likely to happen. It is highly unlikely for brackets to fall off several weeks after a bond failure has occurred.

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