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8 Messages From Your Orthodontist

Jun 10, 2018Orthodontics

Have you ever wondered what your orthodontist is REALLY thinking when he or she tells you “your teeth are looking great”? Here are eight pieces of advice that orthodontists generally wish they could give their patients not just once, but every time they visit:

1. “It’s not as expensive as you think.” – Most parents dread the cost of braces – and their dread is rightly so – but orthodontists have tried their best to make braces more affordable. Sit down with your orthodontist and see what plans are available in order to minimize the cost of your child’s braces.

2. “Adults get braces, too.” – Adult braces seem to be somewhat of a new trend right now, as more than 1 million adults are receiving orthodontic treatment. It’s never too late to improve your smile.

3. “Get your child checked early.” – Bringing your child in for an initial consultation appointment at age seven or eight allows the orthodontist to examine the teeth and identify problems in the mouth early on, allowing for earlier, faster treatment time.

4. “Braces have come a long way.” – Braces used to be big, bulky silver squares that covered most of the recipient’s teeth, but now braces come in all shapes and sizes. From ceramic braces to Invisalign, there are plenty of braces varieties to go around.

5. “Treatment isn’t always necessary.” – Some think that orthodontists are just out to get your money and put braces on , but this is not case. Orthodontists often even suggest a different non-orthodontic treatment to help cure the bite.

6.”It’s Not All About Looks.” – Braces are not meant to make a “fashion statement,” rather they are to perform a healing process. Wearing braces affects the long-term health of your bone and gums.

7. “Missing Appointments Hurts Progress.” – You may feel like you’re always going to the orthodontist office, but it is important to keep these appointments in order to get your braces off in the scheduled amount of time.

8. “Don’t try to Fix Your Teeth Yourself.”– With the development of the Internet comes thousands of tutorials on do-it-yourself techniques in many subjects. Don’t use these techniques to try to fix any mouth problems yourself – some have lost teeth doing so. Always see a dentist or an orthodontist for help in fixing any tooth problems.

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